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Table Categories Setup

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Table Categories: Book the Bar on OpenTable


OpenTable has introduced a new feature for Guest Center restaurants. You will now be able to offer your restaurant's non-standard dining tables for reservations on the OpenTable iPhone and Android applications.


With this new feature you will be able to categorize tables on your floor plan as either, bar, high top, outside or counter and online diners will be offered this non-traditional seating when your standard seating is not available.


Read on to learn how to:


  • Categorize tables in the Availability setup
  • Categorize combinations in the Availability setup
  • Offer non-standard tables and combinations online
  • View a table category booking in Guest Center iPad


Also included in this article:


  • Preview table category bookings in Guest Center iPad
  • Preview the diner experience
  • Review a list of Frequently Asked Questions



Categorizing Your Tables in Guest Center Web


The ability to categorize tables is found under the Floor Plan setup in Guest Center Web. From the site menu, select Availability and click on the Floor Plan section in the setup path.


      Select Menu.png        Select Availability.jpg


Select FP.jpg



From the Floor Plan, select one or many tables, and the table properties window will appear on the right. From the pull down menu, select from one of four table categories: Regular, High-Top, Counter, Outside or Bar.


*All tables are set as “Regular” by Default.


*We suggest selecting all tables in a category and defining them at the same time.*


Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.51.23 AM.png


Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.51.45 AM.png


Categorizing Your Combinations in Guest Center Web


Table categories set in the floor plan screen will carry over to the table combinations screen. The pull down menu at the top of the screen will highlight or suppress different categories, e.g. selecting Regular will highlight all Regular tables and combinations, selecting Bar will highlight all Bar tables and combinations.


Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.53.55 AM.png


 Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 11.09.14 AM.png


Combinations cannot be created across categories. If the Bar category is selected, you will only be able to create combinations for tables categorized as Bar, and said combinations would also be categorized as Bar seating.


Existing Combinations


Creating a combination, and then later changing the category of the table will pop up a screen to confirm that the combination will be deleted if the category is changed.


Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.57.45 AM.png






To set this availability live in Guest Center & the OpenTable iPhone and Android applications, you MUST publish your changes:

Publish.png Publish Screen.jpgSuccess.png




Preview Table Category Bookings in Guest Center iPad


When a diner selects non-standard table availability in the OpenTable iPhone and Android apps, the party will automatically be system assigned to an appropriate table.


Floor View.png

Booking of a “High-Top” table from the web is automatically system assigned to a High-Top table.






In addition, table category types will appear in the Visit History Card.


Visit History.png


Table Categories will also show in GC Web. They will show the Tag as well as the table assignment based on the category.



Preview the Diner Experience


Once your categorized tables are set to accept online reservations, they will be eligible to appear in the OpenTable iPhone and Android applications.


Searching for a time will bring up the normal booking flow, but will show a star next to times that offer different Table Categories.


The diner can then select the available table type they prefer and the selection will be displayed in the booking confirmation screen.


Diner Exp 5.20.16.jpg


If a restaurant is offering different table categories, a star will appear at that time period. 

If the diner selects a starred time, they will be prompted to choose a table type and that type will apear in the following booking screen.

The table type is also displayed beneath the date, time and party size in the confirmation screen.





Frequently Asked Questions


Q&A of most frequently asked questions.




What is a non-regular table?


Any table or combination that is categorized as either High-Top, Counter or Bar.



What happens when a non-regular table or combination is set to accept reservations?


Non-regular tables that are set to accept reservations will appear in reservations searches in OpenTable’s iPhone and Android applications. Diners can choose to book this availability when regular tables are not available.


Non-regular tables never appear in reservations searches done through Guest Center iPad or



Can I book in-house reservations on non-regular tables?


Yes. If you would like to book a non-regular table in-house, you can check availability and book directly on the table in timeline view.



What happens if I change a reservable Regular table to a non-standard table type (High-Top, Counter, or Bar)?


Once a reservable table is categorized as a non-regular type, it will only appear in reservation searches made through the OpenTable iPhone and Android apps.


These tables will no longer appear in searches done through Guest Center iPad or



How do categories work with combinations?


Combinations can only be made up of tables of the same category. Combinations that would include tables of different categories will be removed from the combination listing.


Like individual tables, non-regular combinations can be offered on the OpenTable iPhone or Android apps by setting them to “Reservable.”



Will diners be able to pick a specific table at booking?


No, not a specific table. If there are other table categories available at the time of booking, and a diner selects that specific categry, the system will assign a table based on that category.



How will the host know that an online party reserved a non-standard table?


Guest Center will automatically system assign the online party to the non-regular table or combination. Parties booked on regular tables will never be system assigned to a non-regular table.


In addition to the table system assignment, the host can view the visit history to see the table category that was selected by the diner at booking.



Will Guest Center ever move the party to another table?


Guest Center may reassign a party to optimize your availability, but the party will never be assigned to a table or combination of a different category. If the diner books bar availability, Guest Center will only reassign the party to another bar table.



What happens if I change the reservation?


Similar to optimization changes, if an adjustment is made to the date, time, party size or turn time of a reservation that would require the party to be moved to another table, Guest Center will attempt to move the party to a table or combination of the same category.


If a table or combination within the same category cannot be found, Guest Center will allow the change, but  the party will become unassigned (a Problem Reservation) and should be pre-assigned as soon as possible to protect against overbooking.


*The above refers to in-house reservation changes only*



What happens if the diner changes their reservation through the iPhone or Android applications?



If a diner chnages their table type through the iPhone or Android app, only the table categories that currently have avilability will be shown. If they change it to a different category, the system will re-assign their reservation to a table in that new category.


If no tables are available in any other categories, they will nto be able to change the category. 


What happens if the diner changes their reservation through


If a diner selects Regular table availability when changing their reservation online, the previous table type association will be removed and they will be re-system assigned to a Regular table.


Only the Regular table category is currently available through the website.



Are diners guaranteed the table type they book?


Diners are offered non-regular tables as alternative availability. Though the expectation is that these reservations will be honored like any other reservation, similar to any special request, a particular table type request is not guaranteed.



Why do I see different availbility on versus my iPhone or Android OpenTable app?


Currently the ability to book non-regular tables is only available on the iPhone and Android applications. Hence, diners will see additional availability on the iPhone and Android applications that will not surface on



Why do I see different availability for my restaurant in a general search, versus when searching from my restaurant profile page in the iPhone or Android applications?


Currently, non-regular table availability is only visible on the restaurant profile screen and will not surface in a general reservation search.


Will the table category appear in the diner confirmation and reminder emails?


No, not for this initial launch. This information will only appear in the iPhone and Android app's confirmation & reservation screens.

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