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How to Find & Manage Your Restaurant’s Online Reviews

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On the Internet, everyone’s a potential restaurant critic. There’s no shortage of sites and apps that let guests rate, review, recommend, or otherwise critique your experience anywhere. (Some even give them points for it.) While the average consumer probably doesn’t judge within the same criteria or reach as, say, the New York Times, first-person reviews and recommendations are read and used by other potential customers.


In fact, even the most “traditional” of restaurant reviews aren’t immune to the internet’s influence. Just last week, Thomas Keller responded, via his website, to New York Timesrestaurant critic Pete Wells’s two-star review of Per Se in New York — something the public seemed to be waiting for. While not every review is as high profile as 1,500 words in the country’s most respected journal of record, the sheer fact that Thomas Keller could respond publicly had us waiting with bated breath.


Online reviews have been around for a while, but the popularity of social media makes reviews and recommendations instant. With a seemingly infinite number of ways to communicate online, there are a whole lot of places, beyond the usual suspects, where reviews of your restaurant might be hiding. Here, how to find them, and tips on responding.


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