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Apple Pay FAQ

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What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a secure way to store credit card information using at least an iPhone 6 in apps like OpenTable and in stores like Macy’s. Learn about it here:


When did Apple Pay become available to consumers?

It went live on Monday, October 20, 2014.


Who will be able to use Apple Pay in apps?

Guests must have an iPhone 6 or newer with iOS 8.1 or higher. (Apple Pay is also compatible with iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3, but OpenTable does not currently offer payments via iPad.) Apple Pay is not compatible with older devices or older versions of iOS.


What will Apple Pay mean for OpenTable?

Guests that enable Apple Pay won’t need to add a card to OpenTable to pay at participating restaurants. Guests can simply launch OpenTable to view the check and tap Apple Pay to complete the transaction. The restaurant experience won’t change.


But the Apple Pay video showed a user tapping their iPhone to a reader, what’s that?

There are two ways to use Apple Pay: In-store, like Macy’s, where you hold your phone up to an NFC reader at the checkout counter, and in-app, like OpenTable, Groupon and Uber, where you simply tap an in-app button to pay. OpenTable’s in-app payments require no new hardware for restaurants and won’t require diners to tap their phone to a reader.


Is Apple Pay going to be secure?

Apple discusses their state-of-the-art security practices on the Apple Pay website:





How does the OpenTable guest experience work with Apple Pay?


  1. Guests can enable Apple Pay by adding a credit card to their phone using Apple’s Passbook app.


  1. Guests that enable Apple Pay won’t need to add a card to OpenTable to pay at participating restaurants. Apple Pay will become their default payment method.


  1. Guests can simply launch OpenTable during their meal to view their check and tap Apple Pay to complete the transaction. The in-app Apple Pay dialog enables guests to change credit cards and authenticate using a fingerprint.


  1. We will still process the credit card information using Stripe and the restaurant will receive the money via Stripe as usual.


What does paying with Apple Pay look like?

Apple Pay1.png

Apple Pay2.png



Apple Pay3.png


Will Apple Pay enabled guests be required to use Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is the default payment method for anyone that’s enabled it, but guests can always change payment methods by going to Settings or tapping the underlined payment method in the header before or during their meal.


What will happen if you haven’t enabled Apple Pay or don’t have a supported device?

Guests will still be able to add a credit card to OpenTable and slide to pay as usual.



Does the restaurant experience change with Apple Pay?

No. The restaurant experience does not change and restaurants will not need to take any action to accept Apple Pay payments via OpenTable.


  1. Restaurants will still need to enable Payments and create a Stripe account.
  2. Hosts and servers still see “May pay with OpenTable” whenever guests have a card on file, whether they’ve added a card via Apple Pay or the OpenTable app.
  3. Servers still claim payment using the “Pay with OpenTable” button in the POS.


Does the restaurant need to install any additional hardware to support Apple Pay?

No. Payments are still made using our app and processed via Stripe.


What if restaurants don’t accept AmEx or other card types?

Apple Pay works with most major credit and debit cards from top U.S. banks, even if restaurants don’t typically accept these credit card types.


Will there be any additional fees for using Apple Pay?

No. We do not charge additional fees.


Who will be the merchant of record in an Apple Pay transaction?

The restaurant remains the merchant of record.

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