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Common Payments Guest Questions

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Guest Asks For Table Number

When a guest's reservation does not match the check on the POS, the mobile application will prompt the guest to ask their server for their table number. Simply provide the guest with the correct table number, and they will manually enter it into their mobile app to reconnect the reservation to their check.


Guest Decides Not To Pay With OpenTable

The transaction in the OpenTable app will expire should the guest choose not to swipe to pay. Servers can simply process the guest's cash or credit card payment as usual.


If the guest has already swiped their phone to authorize payment via OpenTable, but then asks to pay with a different tender, the server can still run another tender type to close the check. If this happens, and the guest is happening to pay with the same credit card that is attached to their OpenTable app, they will see two (2) pending charges on their credit card statement. One of the pending charges will expire in a couple of days. If the guest pays with cash or a different credit card, they will still see that single original pending charge on their credit card statement for the card used in the Payments app, but it will drop off the statement in a few days. It is recommended that your servers inform guests of the multiple pending charges should this scenario happen in your restaurant.


Guest Leaves Without Paying

If a guest happens to leave the restaurant without paying their bill, please call 1-800-OPENTABLE as soon as you can, and speak with one of our Payments Specialists.

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