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More About Payments

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Combining Payment Methods


If a guest chooses to pay with a combination of cash and/ or credit card, along with OpenTable Payments, simply process the cash or credit card payment first, and finalize those charges in the POS system. The remaining balance can be paid using OpenTable Payments.


Voiding the Pay w/OT Transaction


The Payments transaction can be voided partially, or in its entirety, by logging into your Stripe merchant account. Reopening the ticket on the POS and voiding the “pay w/ OpenTable” line item will not void the transaction. You must log into your Stripe merchant account to void the transaction.


"OT Pay Cancel" Status


If the status of the check changes from "May Pay w/OT" to "OT Pay Cancel," then the guest has chosen not to pay their check using OpenTable Payments. The guest will need to pay their check using cash or credit card.


Moving Checks Between Tables


Once the check has been matched, meaning, the guest has been seated at the same table number on both OpenTable and the POS systems, the check can be moved in either system without losing the link between the two.


This means if a check has been opened at the bar, as long as the guest was matched to the same table number on both the OpenTable system and the POS, you can move the check into the dining room without having the guest re-enter the table number.


Check Matching


Checks/ parties in your POS are matched with checks/ parties in your OpenTable system by using a table number. The table number in your OpenTable system must match the table number in your POS in order for the checks to match correctly.


Mismatched Checks


The OpenTable system has been designed to notify servers as soon as a check has been matched with a Payments-enabled guest, so a server should be able to tell ahead of time if their guest is viewing the wrong check. If the error is realized before the check has been closed, the server can simply void the incorrect items, add the correct ones, and then close the check.


Once the server has pressed the "Pay w/ OpenTable" button on the POS, all monetary adjustments must be made through your Stripe account. In order to balance the POS reports with any financial changes made through Stripe, you must make the matching changes on the ticket in the POS.


Adding Check Items After Authorization


If the server has not yet closed the check, he or she can add items to the check as usual. As long as the server uses the "Pay w/OpenTable" option when closing the check, the new charges will be added to the guest's credit card. The guest will receive a receipt via text and email.


If the check has already been closed the server will need to create a new check with the new items, and ask the guest to pay with cash or credit card.



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