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OpenTable & Your POS: Shared Data

Last revision July 21 by Caty

In order to work properly, the OpenTable Payments product must share certain data with the POS system. Data shared between OpenTable and the POS system includes:

  • Reservation Data
  • Order Data
  • Payment Authorization Data


Reservation Data

A guest's reservation data is shared between the POS and OpenTable systems.


When a guest makes a reservation at an OpenTable Payments enabled restaurant, the reservation will show up in the restaurant's OpenTable system as "May Pay w/OT." This message indiciates to the restaurant staff that the guest may choose to pay their check with OpenTable Payments.


Once the guest arrives, the restaurant will seat the guest, and change the guest's status in the OpenTable system to "seated." This information is communicated to the appropriate cloud-based systems. 


Order Data

A guest's order information (e.g.: line-item food products) is also shared between your POS and OpenTable Payments. 

The POS will send the guest's order information to a cloud-based server. The cloud-based server then sends information to the OpenTable Payments server. The cloud-based server refreshes at a maximum interval of 5 minutes. 


Once the information has been received, the OpenTable Payments server will communicate the guest's order information to the OpenTable mobile app and to OpenTable's data center.


The OpenTable mobile app will then surface changes made to the check in the POS within a few seconds.


Payment Authorization Data

Payment authorization data is also shared between the OpenTable system and the POS.


Once a guest has been marked as "seated" in your OpenTable system, the POS will receive a signal from the cloud-based server that the guest may pay with OpenTable Payments.


At the end of the meal, the guest will designate a tip and authorize payment. This action on the mobile app will send a signal to the POS that a payment has been authorized.


Once payment has been authorized, the server will then close the check in the POS with the appropriate OpenTable tender. This action triggers an email of the check receipt to the guest.



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