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POS System Support & Upgrades

Last revision July 21 by Caty

OpenTable Payments currently supports the following POS systems:


  • Micros 3700 Res4
  • Micros 3700 Res5
  • Micros 9700


  • Positouch version 5.32 and above
  • Testing with versions 5.31 is going on right now. 




If you have a POS version that is not supported with Payments please contact your POS Vendor to discuss system upgrades. If you do decide to upgrade, make sure to review the other system and networking requirements provided by OpenTable prior to upgrading to ensure a smooth transition. It's best to let your account manager know which type of POS and version you would like integrated with OpenTable Payments before initiating your upgrade.


If you have a POS not listed above and would like to get OpenTable payments please reachout to your Account Manager and request that your POS get supported.

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