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OpenTable Gifts Training - Merchant Dashboard (Third Party Integration)

Last revision March 21 by jasperyuan

Whether you are new to OpenTable Gifts or a long time user of the program you are always welcome to attend our training session!


If your restaurant is setup to use a Third Party Gift Card Processor that has an OpenTable Integration to redeem your gift cards, please attend the training below or watch the tutorial videos. 


Training is every Tuesday at 1:30pm PST. Please attend this training session if you are using a Third Party Gift Card Processor to redeem. If you cannot attend this training, please watch the Integrated Merchant Dashboard Tutorial Videos.


To join please dial in: US - 415-323-0959


Click to join presentation.


If your restaurant is not setup with a Third Party Gift Card Process with OpenTable Integration, please view the Merchant Dashboard Training or Third Party Non-integrated Training instead!


If you are not sure which session you should attend, please contact us at and we will be happy to help!

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