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OpenTable Gifts Training - Merchant Dashboard

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Whether you are new to OpenTable Gifts or a long time user of the program you are always welcome to attend our training session!


If your restaurant is setup to use the Merchant Dashboard to redeem your gift cards, please attend the training below or watch the tutorial videos:


Training is every Wednesday at 1:30pm PST. Please attend this training session if you are using the OpenTable Gifts Merchant Dashboard to redeem. If you cannot attend this training, please watch the Merchant Dashboard Tutorial Videos.


To join please dial in: US - 415-323-0959


Click to join presentation.


If your restaurant is setup to redeem gift cards through a Third Party Gift Card Processor, please view the Third Party Integrated Training or Third Party Non-Integrated Training instead!


If you are not sure which session you should attend, please contact us at and we will be happy to help!

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