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Restaurant Center - Explore & learn: training & tutorial

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Under the Profile section you can edit the details on your restaurant's profile page, upload a new photo and add a logo.


To change the details on the Profile page, choose Details, then expand any of the sections you would like to edit.  Choose the Edit button, make your changes and click Save.


To add or edit a photo, choose Photo, then click Choose A New Photo, then click theBrowse.. button to select and image from your computer.  Once you have selected an image, choose the Continue button.  You will see the image appear in two boxes.  The box on the right displays how the image will appear on the profile page.  To adjust the image, drag the highlighted box on the left to your desired location and click the Continue button.  Last, click the Finish button. OpenTable will review your submission and post within 5 days.


To add or edit your logo, choose Logo, then click button.  This action will open a new email.

Attach your logo to the email and send.  Remember to use your account number as the file name.

For example: 1107.jpg



In the Marketing section, you can sign up for holiday promotions, ongoing promotions and check out the different reservation widgets available for your website.  If you participate in the Private Dining Featured Listings program, you can also go here to edit your information.


Seasonal Promos are the 1-day promotions for holidays such as Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve.


Ongoing Promos are the unique promotions based on features diners search for such as Business Bites, Sunday Brunch and Good for Groups.


To sign up for either of these promotions, click Ongoing Promos or Seasonal Promos.  Choose the promo you would like to sign your restaurant up for.  Follow the prompt and fill out the fields listed.  Your promo listed will be posted within 5 days.



Under the Reporting tab you can review your Covers report and Diner Reviews.


Covers reporting displays the previous month's covers broken down by referral type: or reservations, restaurant website reservations, and if you participate in the POP marketing program, POP reservations.  You can view or download your covers report in either Excel or PDF format by clicking the links at the bottom of the page.


The Reviews section gives you access not only to the reviews you see on the or website, but all reviews, including private notes diners send to the restaurant. Your reviews can also be downloaded through the link at the bottom of the page.



If you would like access to the Restaurant Center, you can request a login from your restaurant's Restaurant Center admin.  Simply click Request an Account at the top of the Restaurant Center home page.


If your restaurant has not yet been set up with a Restaurant Center account, you can call OpenTable Support at 1-800-OpenTable in the US and Canada, and 0845 351 3515 in the United Kingdom.


If you are your restaurant's administrator for Restaurant Center, you can use the Admin tab to create new logins, delete previous logins or edit permissions of current staff.


Multiple Restaurants

If you have access to multiple restaurants and would like to change the restaurant you are currently accessing, simply go to the box at the top right of the Restaurant Center.  Delete your restaurant's name and begin typing the name of the restaurant you would like to access.  As you type, you will see a list of restaurants appear.  Choose the one you would like to view.  Once chosen, Restaurant Center will update with the new restaurant's information.
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