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Restaurant Center Overview

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Details Overview: (Address, Hours, Description, etc.)

Links: (Website, Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Dining Experience: (Payment, Dress Code, Amenities, etc.)

Additional Details: (Confirmation Message, Parking, Events, etc.)



Change your profile photo here. A beautiful photo makes your profile stand out on, in
OpenTable mobile apps and in search engines. Use a photo that conveys the ambiance and dining experience
you wish to deliver to your guests. 




Advertise what is happening in your restaurant! Hosting a wine dinner? Have live music? Offering
Happy Hour? This is the space you can use to share your offers with guests!


Specials stay live on your profile for up to 90 days. You will then receive an email that it’s expiring. List up to 10 specials at once. The top three will be visible until the diner expands the list. Prioritize the top 3 specials you are offering. Export through Restaurant Center to see a history of what may have worked to drive business.





Simple Menu Management - Get more traffic this holiday season with up-to-date menus with SinglePlatform.
OpenTable has partnered with SinglePlatform to put your menus on
Manage your menus in one centralized location and push it out across the web to your restaurant website,
Facebook, Twitter and OpenTable. 




To upload a new menu or adjust a current menu, hover over the profile tab and select the "menu" option.

Once the menu page loads click the red button to "Manage your Menus".








Ongoing Pomotions

Diners use OpenTable when they are undecided where they want to eat. They search categories on our
homepage that focus on the specific dining experience they are seeking. Free promo pages highlight the
offerings that make your restaurant special. Promo pages are search engine optimized and are highlighted on and email marketing campaigns. 




Seasonal Promotions

Free seasonal promotional pages highlight the special hours, menus, events and promotions that bring in
holiday diners. Restaurants are showcased for online availability on the homepage of each
metro as well as in our email marketing to the dining networks. For assistance, email




Reservation Widgets

Choose from 8 different formats to provide diners the opportunity to book reservations through your
website. If you are a restaurant group, choose the Multi-Restaurant Reservation code button. If you
have a flash website email for instructions. To drive the most
online business, place the reservation path on your home page above the fold and in your navigation




Mobile Website

Since the launch of the OpenTable mobile application, we have found that 1 in every 5 diners (and
rising) are booking reservations from a hand-held device. OpenTable decided to partner with DudaMobile to
offer the opportunity to customize your website as a value-add service. We realize that offering this will
reduce the frustration guests may have trying to find information such as the reservation button by having to
pinch, pull and expand their screen on the device itself. We also wanted to ensure that if a diner is going to
the restaurant website to book and can’t find the link, that they don’t abandon your site and look for a
different restaurant. Your mobile site is its completely customizable through the dashboard. Please provide
your webmaster’s contact information to us if you need assistance getting this in place. 










Covers Reporting

Standard Covers represent seated diners who booked through, our mobile apps, or our affiliate
partners, but not part of the POP promotional program. Take a look at historical data over the past year by month.
Export or Print this data.









Only confirmed diners are invited to submit reviews to OpenTable. We moderate every review and only publish
those that meet our standards for content and relevancy. Reviews are always current; after 120 days, reviews are
removed from the site. If you have a review in question, please email If you'd like
consolidated reviews for a group, please contact that group's CRA or CRM to retrieve them.
The OpenTable diner has the opportunity to remain anonymous when leaving a review, however some guests opt
to provide their name and email address. Please note that by clicking on the View Your Reviews at the bottom
provides this information. The Comment Field is what is posted online, the Note field is only seen by the
restaurant and is not a part of the review posted online. You can export into PDF or Excel and use these as training opportunities. 











Monthly statements can be found under the billing tab. You can see your historical invoices for both
Subscription Fees and Cover Fees. If you have billing questions please call 1-866-941-8494 or email









OpenTable offers quarterly seminars to our Electronic Reservation Book customers covering new features and
enhancements, tools, marketing and social media. 







To Learn More about Social Media:



  • Places I’ve Eaten Facebook app -Introducing our new Facebook app for diners to share the places they eat and discover new restaurants. Check out the app

TWITTER – Tweet the URL of your website reservations page. If your website URL is too long to fit into Twitter’s 140 character limit, you can shorten your URL by using online URL generators like and For assistance with Web Optimization please email



OpenTable Logos, Standards & Buttons


We invite you to use the OpenTable logo and other graphical resources. We ask you to follow our brand guidelines. Looking for our reservation widgets and code?

For permission to use the OpenTable logo or trademark, please contact




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